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Aluminum foil glass wool board
2019-05-05 14:08:59

Aluminum foil glass wool board is one kind of glass wool board, which is a kind of insulation material with strong waterproof function. The aluminum foil glass wool board is attached with a layer of aluminum foil paper on the outer surface of the rock wool board. As a kind of raw material for industrial manufacturing, aluminum foil paper is mainly used for packaging protection, daily necessities, construction and so on. It can be characterized to ensure shading, no falling, no light, no pollution, and low price. For high-end cigarettes, candy bars, insulation materials, etc. for moisture and decoration. The outer surface of the glass wool board is covered with a layer of aluminum foil paper, which has great effect on the waterproof function of the glass wool board.


             Guangdong Jiefu Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and processing of thermal insulation cotton, sound-absorbing cotton, glass wool, insulation pipe, sound insulation cotton and other new exterior wall insulation materials, a-grade external wall fire insulation materials, industry supporting special-shaped insulation materials - glass wool Deep processing and glass wool special-shaped processing provide high-standard external wall insulation solutions for the market. Especially in the special-shaped processing, the company maintains a leading position in the industry in terms of hardware equipment, processing quality and processing capacity. It is a high-quality insulation material manufacturer and External wall insulation materials company

             Waterproof and heat preservation: Glass wool board with aluminum foil paper added, the waterproof function is enhanced, and the heat preservation function has excellent thermal insulation effect due to its low thermal conductivity. The good thermal insulation function is the fundamental characteristic of rock wool and its products. Under normal temperature conditions (about 25 °C), the thermal conductivity of rock wool is usually between 0.03 and 0.047 W/(moK).

             Fire prevention: The surface quality information and insulation data of the glass wool board are non-combustible materials, which can completely satisfy the requirements of fire protection standards. The incineration function depends on how much flammable binder is in between. Rock wool itself is an inorganic mineral fiber that is not flammable.

             Durability: A variety of research shows, and more than 40 years of foreign use of the vast use of the special coated color steel plate shelf life of 10-15 years, in the future every 10 years spray anti-corrosion coatings, plate life can reach more than 35 years.

              Beautiful: It can cooperate with the needs of any style of construction to achieve a satisfactory result.

              Sound insulation function: glass wool and slag cotton products have good sound insulation and sound absorption function. The sound absorption mechanism is that this product has a porous structure. When the sound wave passes through, the flow resistance is caused by conflict, so that part of the sound energy is The fiber absorbs and blocks the transmission of sound waves.

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