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Guangdong environmental glass wool manufacturer
2019-01-10 15:54:20

A kind of formaldehyde-free glass wool is formed by melting glass fiber, which is called eco-friendly glass wool on the market. Its material is made of a kind of artificial inorganic fiber, and the characteristics of this inorganic fiber are thermal insulation, and superior sound absorption. The heat insulation can make the environmentally friendly glass wool gain a certain position in the field of fire prevention and superior sound absorption capacity, which makes the glass wool form a perfect sound absorbing partner with the steel structure in the construction industry.

Environmental glass wool characteristics and factory industry

      Fibrillation is carried out by a centrifugal injection process, and then a binder is solidified - the glass in a molten state is formed into an environmentally friendly glass wool. As a building material that is currently recognized as superior in insulation performance, thermal insulation performance, and sound absorbing performance, environmentally friendly glass wool has superior advantages over ordinary glass wool. The rapid attenuation of sound transmission, the impediment of air, the inability to flow, the reduction of the product's thermal conductivity, good thermal stability, durability and resistance to high temperature shrinkage are all reasons why environmentally friendly glass wool is popular in the market. The reason for production.

      It is well known that when the exterior wall of a building is constructed, the exterior wall will be given a variety of materials to achieve a variety of purposes, effects, which will increase the material cost of the building's exterior wall. However, if you add environmentally friendly glass wool board to the outer wall, you can achieve a variety of effects. why? Because it has some thickness, there are some gaps, because of these two characteristics, it can absorb some of the noise effect - this also omits the characteristics of buying sound-absorbing materials; and the thermal insulation effect of the glass wool itself, it It can help us to protect the cold in the winter; because the glass wool is particularly simple to operate, it can cut easily, which can help us reduce construction costs.

      As a Guangdong environmental glass wool manufacturer, Jiefu produces environmentally friendly glass wool in consideration of customer needs and user costs. Jiefu environmental glass wool is cheap to produce and looks beautiful after installation. Its environmentally friendly glass wool is very popular in the market.

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