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How much do you know about PEF insulation?
2019-01-14 16:59:50

The presentation of the insulation material makes our days more comfortable and then automatically adjusts the discomfort that the climate brings to us. Since various types of insulation materials are available on the market, many friends are not so familiar with PEF insulation cotton, and they do not know what kind of power PEF insulation cotton can bring to you. And let the PEF insulation cotton manufacturers take you to understand the advantages of PEF insulation cotton.

    PEF insulation cotton and other insulation materials are quite different. Because PEF insulation cotton is a kind of artificial artificial rubber that has imported foreign skill and equipment and selected PEF resin material and modified material, it has output through various methods. It has good elasticity, high flexibility, wear-resistant sound absorption, anti-condensation, and low thermal conductivity, that is, its function is not only insulated. Others, PEF insulation cotton is not only useful, but also very simple in construction, which can reduce the construction cost. That is to say, PEF insulation cotton can not only bring you reliable quality assurance, but also bring you certain economic benefits.

PEF insulation material:

PEF insulation material (also known as high foam or PE insulation material), PEF insulation material produced by Dongguan Jiefu Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is a new type of thermal insulation and waterproof sound absorbing material. It has a slender independent closed-cell structure, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. , the function is healthy, the construction is simple, hot sticky, glue can be

PEF insulation material characteristics

Low density, low thermal conductivity, no water absorption, good softness, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, water and steam resistance, service life of more than 15 years, all the characteristics of aspirational medium and low temperature insulation materials

PEF insulation materials use:

1. Thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines in petroleum, chemical, electric power, pharmaceutical, food and other industries

2. Thermal insulation, sound absorption and shock absorption materials for railway trains, cars, ships, airplanes, and other transportation vehicles and refrigerated vehicles

3. Buildings, hotels, apartments, roofs, walls, air-conditioning, sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing materials, and elastic materials and sealing materials such as travel doors and windows.

4, precision instrument packaging materials, home decoration and other light industry applications and sporting goods, life-saving supplies

5. Car electronic accessories, air conditioning and refrigeration accessories, cold storage insulation materials, machine equipment sealing buffers, various precision instruments, medical tools, measuring linings, etc.

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