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Introduction to noise reduction process of glass wool
2019-04-08 10:58:50

Glass wool is after high temperature and high speed and then through the curing process of products, in the case of high temperature and low temperature can reflect a good sound-absorbing effect.First used in the room ceiling, ceiling, engine body, engine room and studio such local, the first is to take a fancy to his noise reduction role.So, how does it accomplish noise reduction, this needs us to understand.

Glass wool in the entire history of the building materials market has not the position of the firm, that is because people now is pay attention to environmental protection, and the glass wool is very safe in the building materials, and has the very high corrosion resistant function and heat preservation, the two strengths in high-rise building temporary is indispensable, and glass cotton can be cut at random, it also brought a greater convenience to the architect, so it will be temporary in the previous position in building materials sales.


Guangdong JIEFU energy saving technology co., ltd. has served the energy conservation and thermal insulation industry for many years, and provided high-quality thermal insulation materials and external wall thermal insulation solutions for many projects, which have won unanimous praise.Especially in the production technology of glass wool continuous research and development, research and development of glass cotton deep processing and glass cotton special processing two major technology, so that the application of glass wool diversification, customers only need to provide patterns, can be through special processing, greatly reduce the construction time on the site, increase efficiency.

The internal structure of the glass wool is loose, and the overall density is large, which can send out the absorbed sound in time. Moreover, the porous characteristic also enhances the noise reduction.It can fulfill people's demand for silence by using it in places where people need silence, and can greatly reflect his sound absorption ability.What's more, the appearance of the glass wool is rough. When the sound wave hits the appearance of the glass wool, the sound wave can travel through the pores inside the glass wool, causing the molecules in the air to vibrate. The result is offset.There is also a point is related to the thickness of glass wool, the thicker the glass wool sound-absorbing effect is stronger, the thinner is less sound-absorbing, can not completely play the role of noise reduction.

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