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Jiefu energy-saving rock wool board manufacturers
2019-01-24 14:16:29

The hydrophobic rock wool insulation board generally has great impact resistance. The construction of the external wall project requires inorganic materials such as rock wool insulation board. However, the quality of the external wall is not only 15%. Many people think that most of the insulation materials are in the fire and insulation dilemma. Many people will say that many people think that the sound absorption is good, and its fireproof ability is poor; the power plant, chemical plant, large furnace insulation data XPS extruded board ignites After the release of pollutants, the fire protection and fire safety of the high-rise building can not be separated, the fire safety and fire prevention role and engineering grades are not very good, and most of the rock wool board manufacturers have thermal insulation effect. 35% of the amount, the surface layer presents cracking, falling, water seepage, poor reliability, poor water resistance, anti-hydrophobic function and poor atmospheric stability.

      Guangdong Jiefu Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to deep processing of glass wool, glass fiber cotton, rock wool board deep processing, rubber and plastic insulation materials, wall insulation cotton, lighting fireproof cotton and other new exterior wall insulation materials, a grade external wall fire insulation materials And the application, development and promotion of deep processing insulation materials. To provide high-standard energy-saving system solutions for the market, it is a high-quality supplier of insulation and energy-saving fields and exterior wall insulation materials companies, and is a high-quality insulation material manufacturer and external wall insulation material company.

   Because the domestic public security department issued [2011]65 documents, the supply of Class A fireproof rock wool board lacked 45%, and many projects of fireproof rock wool insulation board manufacturers have stopped working. Rockwool insulation board should adhere to the road of building energy-saving flame-retardant function safety and centering for a long time; sticking to the idea of inorganic insulation and organic insulation compound for a long time; sticking to safety and high-performance insulation materials for a long time The idea of sustainable development is required.

   The thermal insulation materials for power plants, chemical plants and large kiln furnaces are better used for the rock wool insulation board of Guangdong Jiefu Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., and the selection of some rock wool boards is very important.

   In the current domestic market, the proportion is more commonly used in organic insulation boards. In fact, this type of statement is wrong, but the use of rockwool insulation boards supplied by professional manufacturers can achieve the same fire and flame retardant functions.

   Many manufacturers of thermal insulation materials feel that it is still an old problem to let the construction of thermal insulation materials reach the safety centering and flame retardant function, and not to process the original materials and the usual production techniques and processing procedures. The viable road.

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