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The difference between rock wool and glass wool
2019-07-15 16:28:09

People always keep asking what is the difference between rock wool and glass wool. As a manufactory need to let people understand that.


Everything has two sides. They are difference products but also have something in common. Glass wool is a kind of artificial inorganic fiber, which belongs to one category of glass fibers. It has good moulding, small volume density, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, sound absorption, corrosion resistance and chemical stability. Rock wool is the artificial inorganic fibers made of basalt melted at high temperature are characterized by light weight, low thermal conductivity, heat absorption and non-flammability.


一、Different raw materials and processes

Centrifugal glass wool is the solution melted out through the leaky plate, into the centrifuge. Driven by high-speed centrifuge, the centrifuge runs at high speed and shakes the glass into glass streams. Under the action of high-temperature and high-speed flame, the glass streams are further stretched into fibers, and then atomized binder is applied. Under the negative pressure wind of cotton-collecting mesh belt, the fibers with resin binder are deposited on the moving mesh belt. The uniform felt is formed, and then cured in a constant temperature curing furnace to complete the curing process. The product is finalized. After finalization, it is cut into a predetermined product, and then packaged.


Rock wool board products are made of basalt as the main raw material, melted at high temperature, made of inorganic fibers by high-speed centrifugal equipment, then added with special binder and dust-proof oil, paved with swing belt and changed the arrangement structure of fibers through special equipment, finally cured and finalized into a new light thermal insulation material, which can be processed according to different purposes. Rock wool board, rock wool felt, rock wool tube and shell and other products.


二、Product performance is different

Glass wool has lower bulk density, less slag ball content, lower thermal conductivity, longer service life and higher toughness than rock wool.


三、Product uses are different

Glass wool is generally used for insulation parts below 200 degrees Celsius, mostly for general buildings or cryogenic pipes. Rock wool is generally used for insulation parts at 500 degrees Celsius, mostly for insulation of high-temperature thermal pipes or power equipment.


四、Product bulk density is different

The mechanical strength of rock wool is greater than glass wool. Rock wool is the preferred material for insulation and fire prevention of modern exterior wall hangings.

In China, many tall buildings use rock wool to make exterior walls. In this way, it can be sound insulation and heat insulation, and fire prevention. Our factory supplies a lot to real estate developers.

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