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Types of Glass Wool In Steel Structure Sorkshop and Installation Precautions
2019-03-19 10:32:43


       Steel-Structured Glass Wool belongs to a category of glass fibers and is an artificial inorganic fiber. Natural minerals such as quartz sand, limestone and dolomite are selected as the primary raw materials, and some raw materials such as soda ash and borax are melted into glass. In the ablation state, by means of external force, the blown type is formed into flocculent fine fibers, and the fibers and the fibers are three-dimensionally intersected, and are surrounded by each other, exhibiting many fine voids. This void can be seen as a void. Therefore, glass wool can be regarded as a porous material with outstanding heat insulation and sound absorption.

Steel Structure Centrifugal Glass Wool Board

Bulk weight: 24-96kg/m3

Thickness: 25-100mm

Length: 600mm-2400mm

Width: 600mm-1200mm

Centrifugal Glass Wool Board is a kind of sheet material with certain strength made by centrifugal glass wool after curing. It can maintain outstanding thermal insulation function in high temperature or low temperature environment. Mainly used for the construction of interior wall partitions, ceilings, iron ducts or the inner wall of the bellows, sound absorption and noise reduction in the machine room, and sweating of metal ceilings. Has a broad application vision.


Steel Structure Centrifugal Glass Wool Tube

Bulk weight: 30-100kg/m3

Shell inner diameter: 22-1220mm

Thickness: 30mm-100mm

Centrifugal Glass Wool Tube is specially used for the insulation of various pipelines (including: freezing, hot water, steam) system. It can work normally at ambient temperature not higher than 454 degrees Celsius, exposed and concealed.

Because the sleeve of this material has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-corrosion, no mold, and no insects, it can effectively block condensation and avoid freezing of the pipeline. It is widely used for civil construction, heat pipe, air conditioning, refrigeration equipment insulation, insulation, energy saving can be increased by 15-30%.

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Steel Structure Centrifugal Glass Wool Felt

Bulk density: 10-72kg/m3

Thickness: 25-100mm

Length: 3m-20m

Width: 1200mm

Centrifugal glass wool felt is a coil made of customary large-area laying requirements. In addition to the characteristics of thermal insulation, it also has excellent shock absorption and sound absorption characteristics, especially for medium and low frequency and various vibration and noise. Excellent absorption, help reduce noise pollution and improve the working environment.

This material can be arbitrarily cut as needed during construction. It is mainly used for building indoors, noise reduction systems, vehicles, refrigeration equipment, household appliances, shock absorption, sound absorption, noise reduction, and is very ambitious.

The glass wool felt with aluminum foil veneer also has strong resistance to heat radiation. It is an excellent lining material for high temperature workshop, control room, machine room inner wall, compartment and flat top.


Steel Structure High Temperature Resistant Glass Wool

High-temperature resistant glass wool is a kind of plate and roll felt made by a variety of special stone materials, which are processed by advanced special production process. It has strong resistance to heat radiation and noise reduction. It is the most important insulation material for high temperature environments such as boilers, reactors, tanks, pipes, and high temperature workshops used in electric power, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

The construction of steel glass wool should follow certain principles, and the following aspects should be the first.

1. When unwinding, ensure that the lifting and tensioning are carried out. Lay the glass wool felt on the other side of the eaves, and keep the same 20 mm of the felt, and fix it on the outer side of the purlin with special clamp or double-sided tape;

2. Pay attention to the tension and alignment of the glass wool felt, the tight seam between the roll and the roll, and the joint should be arranged at the purlin when the longitudinal requirement is overlapped;

3. The two rolls of cotton are joined together by a stapler on the veneer;

4, equipment roof color steel plate, remove the fixture at the double-sided eaves, with a reserved 20 cm veneer for the glass wool edge;

5, according to engineering needs, in order to avoid the cold bridge attack, you can consider putting some hard insulation materials on the purlin, such as XPS.

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