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Types of glass wool profile processing
2019-10-28 15:56:36

1 ventilation tube

  Central air conditioning mainframes and ducts require sound insulation and insulation. Because of the different shapes, it is necessary to cut the work of adding black felt, aluminum foil, adhesive, etc., and can provide special specifications of insulation products for air conditioner manufacturers or construction units. Usually the size of the glass wool is 56k15 or 50K10

Air compressor glass wool

2 machines, generators, air compressors

   Any industrial fan, generator, air compressor and other mechanical and electrical products must be noise-reduced, tailor-made irregular insulation products for these machines and special processing. Usually use 50K10, 64K40 glass wool board, add black felt, adhesive, 4 facades and then black paint.

3 body, ceiling sound absorption and sound insulation

  In order to achieve sound insulation and heat insulation, rock wool or glass wool board is usually used for processing, and black felt or reinforced aluminum foil is applied on one side. The ceiling specifications are 595*595, 585*585, etc. The material used is 56k15, 56k75 or 50K10. The wall is usually made of 32K50 glass wool felt or glass wool board.

4.Sound insulation and fire protection of the cabin

  The sound insulation and fire protection of the cabin are usually made of the classification society 80k50 rock wool board and the all-inclusive fireproof fiberglass cloth.

5 insulation cotton for lamps

  Ceiling lighting products exported to Europe and the United States must be insulated. Our company meets the design requirements of different lighting manufacturers, and manufactures long-fiber, hard aluminum and soft cotton fireproof cotton with different requirements. The glass wool density is usually 17K, 24K, 32K, and the thickness is 25, 30, 40mm, etc.

insulation cotton for lamps

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