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What are the advantages of ultra-fine glass wool? Do you really know?
2019-01-21 15:26:11

Many people know that there are many types of products, and each product has different characteristics. But like glass wool, there are many types of glass wool. Who can know all of them? Including ultra-fine glass wool in glass wool, and many people know the advantages of ultra-fine glass wool? ? Let's take a brief introduction to Jiefu Energy, which focuses on glass wool production and processing.

    Ultra-fine glass wool insulation material is made of quartz sand, feldspar, sodium silicate, boric acid, etc. It is made of fiber cotton of less than 2um after high temperature melting, and then added with thermosetting resin adhesive to pressurize high temperature shaping. Plates, felts and pipe products of various shapes and specifications. The surface can also be coated with aluminum foil or PVC film. The product has light weight, small thermal conductivity, large absorption coefficient and good flame retardant performance. It can be widely used in thermal equipment. , air conditioning thermostat, hot and cold pipes, oven drying room, refrigerated preservation and building insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and so on. The advantages are as follows:

1. The construction of any building materials should be simple to operate, which will bring comfort to our construction. Ultra-fine glass wool has this property and is highly economical.

2. Now our construction environment is very bad, some are cold, some are hot, and ultra-fine glass wool can maintain good thermal insulation performance under high temperature or low temperature environment.

3. Glass wool is an inorganic material that many of us know. Therefore, the ultra-fine glass wool is not easy to burn, does not rot, and does not produce harmful substances. It is considered by consumers to be a non-flammable material.

4. When we purchase the product, we will analyze the service life of the product. The longer the product's service life, the more resources it saves and the greater the cost savings. Ultra-fine glass wool has strong chemical stability and is not easy to age, so it has a strong shelf life.

The advantages mentioned above are some ultra-fine glass wool, which we will briefly introduce. If you want to know more information, you can directly contact Guangdong Jiefu Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., we will provide you with a satisfactory answer.

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