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What is glass wool felt, what effect does glass wool felt have?
2019-04-14 22:27:30

Centrifugal glass wool felt is a kind of filamentous material made of fiberized and sprayed thermosetting resin by centrifugal spray method for the glass with molten appearance, which can be made into series of products with multiple USES by further processing through thermal curing.


Centrifugal glass wool felt manufacturer

What are the advantages of centrifugal glass wool felt?

Centrifugal glass wool felt with loose interlaced internal fibers, with a large number of light and fine pores, is a model of porous sound absorption material.

Centrifugal glass wool felt can be made into wallboard, ceiling, space sound absorber, etc.Centrifugal glass wool felt antibacterial mouldproof, aging resistance, corrosion protection, health can be spontaneously and cut any shape, and noncombustible, non-toxic, small density, low moisture absorption rate, hydrophobic good, and is the excellent heat preservation, heat insulation, sound-absorbing material, and the centrifugal glass wool felt this information device is low cost, can save a lot of construction funds.

What effect does centrifugal glass wool felt have?

The characteristic of centrifugal glass wool felt is obvious sound absorption and good sound absorption technique.Centrifugal glass cotton blanket is very popular in various categories, often used in construction, chemical industry, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, power, traffic and other categories, heat insulation, sound absorption noise reduction, especially obvious role.

Glass cotton lap blanket primary role is as a kind of heat preservation in the building market good building materials in use, especially we are now building content about the goal of all kinds of requirements is also increasing, thus, the glass cotton lap blanket is only produced in the producing and using, especially in the building market, in addition to this role, glass cotton lap blanket and dust-proof and moist.It's a good building material.

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