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  • New field of rock wool board

    2018-12-10 16:36:27
  • Rock wool board contrast fire barrier

    2018-12-10 16:34:09
  • How to paste fireproof rock wool board?

    2018-12-10 16:31:20
  • Do you really know the superiority of exterior insulation?

    2018-11-30 17:38:48
    Do you really know the superiority of exterior insulation? Many buyers do not really understand the use and advantages of insulation materials when purchasing exterior insulation materials. Here, let the Guangdong Jiefu energy-saving manufacturer who specializes in exterior wall insulation materials give you a popular science!
  • How much do you know about PEF insulation?

    2018-11-29 17:20:27
    The presentation of the insulation material makes our days more comfortable and then automatically adjusts the discomfort that the climate brings to us. Since various types of insulation materials are available on the market, many friends are not so familiar with PEF insulation cotton, and they do not know what kind of power PEF insulation cotton can bring to you. And let the PEF insulation cotton manufacturers take you to understand the advantages of PEF insulation cotton.
  • Guangdong environmental glass wool manufacturer

    2018-11-22 10:50:05
    A kind of formaldehyde-free glass wool is formed by melting glass fiber, which is called eco-friendly glass wool on the market. Its material is made of a kind of artificial inorganic fiber, and the characteristics of this inorganic fiber are thermal insulation, and superior sound absorption. The heat insulation can make the environmentally friendly glass wool gain a certain position in the field of fire prevention and superior sound absorption capacity, which makes the glass wool form a perfect sound absorbing partner with the steel structure in the construction industry.
  • Rock wool board manufacturer

    2018-10-17 10:51:56
    The hydrophobic rock wool insulation board generally has great impact resistance, and the construction of the external wall project requires inorganic materials such as rock wool insulation board. However, the quality of the external wall is not only 15%. Many people think that most of the insulation materials are in the fire and insulation dilemma. Many people will say that many people think that the sound absorption is good, and its fireproof ability is poor; the power plant, chemical plant, large furnace insulation data XPS extruded board ignites After the release of pollutants, high-rise fire protection and fire safety can not be separated, fire safety and fire prevention and engineering grades are not very good, and most of the rock wool board manufacturers have insulation effect less than procurement. 35% of the amount, the surface layer presents cracking, falling, water seepage, poor reliability, poor water resistance, anti-hydrophobic function and poor atmospheric stability.
  • Aluminum foil rock wool board

    2018-10-16 13:57:55
    Alumina foil rockwool board is not only really good quality of insulation, but also must be insulated, not to mention the glass wool felt has very good quality, because of this, in the past, you can often see this Its figure, because of this sound absorption data must be used as the insulation of the roof, in addition to this sound absorption data is generally higher in the flue building materials market. The manufacturing process of this sound-absorbing material is made of high-precision centrifugal technology, which is made by refining the molten high-pressure resistant glass glass and curing the resin. This sound absorbing material is now recognized as a very good quality green insulation. material.
  • Glass wool's unique sound absorption performance

    2018-10-12 09:46:23
    Glass wool has a good sound absorption function for the middle and high frequencies of the sound. The main factors affecting the sound absorption function of centrifugal glass wool are thickness, density and air flow resistance. Density is the component of each cubic meter of data. Air flow resistance is the ratio of air pressure to air flow rate on both sides of the data at unit thickness. Air flow resistance is the most important factor affecting the sound absorption function of centrifugal glass wool. The flow resistance is too small, clarifying that the data is scarce, the air oscillation is simply passed, the sound absorption function is reduced; the flow resistance is too large, the data is clarified, the air oscillation is difficult to be introduced, and the sound absorption function is also reduced. Regarding centrifugal glass wool, there is a flow resistance in the sound absorbing function.
  • What are the deep processing products of glass wool?

    2018-10-10 16:32:34
  • Long-term strategy of China's external wall insulation materials

    2018-10-09 09:39:25
    At present, many new materials for the use of organic external insulation, such as molded polystyrene board, extruded polystyrene board and foamed polyurethane, are newly built in China. Their thermal insulation performance is better than a small part of inorganic materials, such as glass wool, rock wool, aluminum silicate fiber, phosphate swelled perlite, and also the construction of insulation materials for the main stream. However, in terms of data performance, they have low ignition points and are flammable. If there are many packages of such flammable insulation materials in construction, it will definitely leave a fire hazard to the construction. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the fire protection for such construction and improve the public's scientific understanding of these materials and achieve scientific prevention.
  • Construction and installation methods and precautions for glass wool insulation materials

    2018-10-08 10:09:41
  • Aluminum foil glass wool board

    2018-09-11 15:29:39
    Aluminum foil glass wool board is one kind of glass wool board, which is a kind of insulation material with strong waterproof function. The aluminum foil glass wool board is attached with a layer of aluminum foil on the outer surface of the rock wool board. As a kind of raw material for industrial manufacturing, aluminum foil paper is mainly used for packaging protection, daily necessities, construction and so on. It can be characterized to ensure shading, no falling, no light, no pollution, and low price. For high-end cigarettes, candy bars, insulation materials, etc. for moisture and decoration. The outer surface of the glass wool board is covered with a layer of aluminum foil paper, which has great effect on the waterproof function of the glass wool board.
  • Formaldehyde-free glass wool

    2018-09-11 14:43:00
    In recent years, due to the light weight, convenient construction, outstanding insulation, sound insulation and heat insulation functions of glass wool products, there are more and more applications in industrial buildings. However, in general, this kind of material will produce some harmful chemicals in a short time. In order to better satisfy the needs of the shopping mall, Guangdong Jiefu Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of glass wool product--- - Formaldehyde-free glass wool has dealt with this problem, and along with this material, it has many more excellent properties than ordinary glass wool.
  • Properties of glass wool without formaldehyde

    2018-09-11 14:32:35
    Guangdong Jiefu Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to glass wool deep processing, glass wool special-shaped processing, rock wool plate deep processing, rubber and plastic insulation materials, formaldehyde-free glass wool, lamp decoration fire-proof cotton and other new external wall insulation materials, A-class external wall fire-proof insulation materials and deep processing insulation materials, research and development and promotion. To provide high standard energy-saving system solutions for the market, is the field of heat preservation and energy-saving, high-quality external wall insulation material suppliers, is a high-quality insulation material manufacturers and external wall insulation material companies.
  • Aluminum silicate fiber

    2018-07-31 11:16:30
    Aluminum silicate fiber is a material having low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal stability and chemical stability, and no binder and corrosiveness. Application: interlayer filling of equipment, fiber castables, raw materials for coating materials, raw materials for vacuum forming products, etc. For example: oven insulation, fan light insulation cotton, etc.
  • Introduction to the noise reduction process of glass wool

    2018-07-31 11:14:40
    Glass wool is a product that has been cured by high temperature and high speed, and exhibits good sound absorption at high temperatures and low temperatures. Mainly used in the ceiling of the room, ceiling, engine perimeter, machine room and studio, mainly to see his role in noise reduction. So, how does it achieve noise reduction, which requires us to understand.
  • Requirements for the use of rock wool board exterior insulation system

    2018-07-31 11:12:41
  • Analysis of popular patent technology in oven insulation materials industry

    2018-07-31 11:10:28
    From the field of patent distribution of oven insulation materials in China, E04B1/00: general construction; not limited to walls, for example, partition walls, or any of the structures in the slab or ceiling or roof, the number of patent applications is the largest, and the cumulative number of applications reaches 717, accounting for 6.77% of the total; followed by C04B28/00: a combination of mortar, concrete or artificial stone containing inorganic binder or reaction product containing inorganic and organic binders, the number of patent applications is 531, accounting for The proportion of the total amount is 5.04%.
  • Selection of refractory materials for glass wool furnace

    2018-07-31 11:08:04
    In recent years, there are more and more domestic glass wool production enterprises. However, due to the special composition and production process of glass wool products, the refractory materials for the production of glass wool are becoming more and more important. At present, the life of China's glass wool kiln is generally about 3 years, and the kiln age of more than 5 years is not much. The main reason is the choice of refractory materials in various parts of the kiln.
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