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  • Advantages of rock wool board in building insulation and fire prevention

    2018-07-31 10:05:44
    Does the use of rock wool products with good thermal conductivity and fire resistance mean that the requirements for tensile strength, water absorption and durability must be reduced? The high-quality rock wool produced in China can meet all the requirements of tensile strength, water absorption, durability and thermal insulation performance, and belongs to Class A non-combustible materials. In most applications, the thermal insulation properties of rock wool are comparable to those of polystyrene panels, and in some applications exceed the thermal insulation properties of polystyrene panels.
  • The position and application of rock wool board in modern industry.

    2018-07-31 10:02:29
    All or most of the production waste in modern factories is recyclable, and after a small amount of waste is treated, emissions are reduced to a minimum. A unit of rock wool board saves hundreds of times its energy consumption in its use. Manufacturing 1 kilogram of rock wool board consumes about 20 MJ of energy, while manufacturing 1 kilogram of polystyrene board consumes at least 85 MJ. The raw materials for making polystyrene sheets are basically fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas, and the rock wool board is only required to use very common rock (basalt), and its available reserves are almost infinite.
  • The main driving force for the development of the glass wool market

    2018-07-31 09:58:38
    The use of glass wool insulation can make the total energy saving rate of the house reach about 55%. Glass wool is based on the principle of vacuum insulation and microporous insulation. Glass fiber is used as the core material, the thermal conductivity can reach below 0.036W/(m·K), and the thermal insulation performance is 6 to 10 times that of traditional insulation materials. Products from the raw material collection to the entire production process are combined with green environmental protection requirements, non-toxic and harmless; not only can ensure the house is warm in winter and cool in summer, to isolate noise, but also can reduce the cracks and water seepage caused by structural temperature difference and improve the service life of the structure. At the same time, it also has the advantage of not occupying indoor space, which is conducive to the transformation of old houses.
  • Sound absorption glass wool application

    2018-07-31 09:53:25
    Centrifugal glass wool is a porous sound absorbing material with good sound absorption properties.
  • Glass wool has a certain impact on the building exterior wall insulation market

    2018-07-31 09:49:33
    Building exterior insulation is a very important project. Any building in our life loses the performance of this insulation, not only will it cause huge waste of energy, but also make our living environment very uncomfortable. Glass wool board manufacturers analyze the significant impact of glass wool board on building exterior wall insulation.
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