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    Aluminum Silicate Piping

    The aluminum silicate tube is made of aluminum silicate rubber felt as raw material, and is made of tubular heat insulation pipe by the process of die crimping, drying, curing and shaping. It is applied to thermal insulation of thermal power plants such as power plants, chemical industry, coke making and heating.
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    Aluminum Silicate
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    Guangdong Jie Fu Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
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    2018-07-27 15:59:28

Product Description

Aluminum silicate piping is a tubular insulating pipe made with a blank of aluminum silicate rubber felt that is curled, dried, cured and shaped.

Unique Advantages

Low Thermal Conductivity, Low Heat Capacity

Excellent Shock Resistance and Thermal Stability

Excellent Machinability

Faster and Easier Construction

Application Scope

Insulation of thermal pipelines for such uses as power plants, the chemical industry, coking, and heating

Physical Properties




Bulk Weight60-150kg/m3


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