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    Formaldehyde-free glass wool cut

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Centrifugal glass wool is a filamentous material made by fibrillating a glass in a molten state by a centrifugal blowing process and spraying a thermosetting resin, and then subjected to heat curing deep processing to produce a series of products having various uses, such as glass wool. Plate, felt, fiberglass duct, air conditioning board, high temperature glass wool, etc. It has many advantages such as non-combustible, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, small bulk density, low thermal conductivity, strong chemical stability, low moisture absorption rate and good water repellency. It is currently recognized as a thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound absorbing material with superior performance. the use of. The plates, felts and tubes made of this material have been widely used for thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction in the fields of construction, chemical industry, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, energy, transportation, etc. The effect is very obvious.

product description

The glass wool tube is a lightweight, durable and well-insulated tubular thermal insulation material composed of uniform, slender, elastic glass fiber and special high-temperature adhesive.

Due to the particularity of the glass fiber, the product has good heat insulation and resistance to extrusion and impact. The surface of the product can be affixed with various waterproof steam veneers to meet the requirements of heat insulation and moisture resistance in various environments.

Unique advantages 

High heat preservation efficiency


Lightweight material

Easy to install

Strong earthquake resistance

High durability

Strong water repellency

Environmental health


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