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    Formaldehyde-free glass wool pieces

    Special deep processing of heat preservation materials is mainly aimed at special deep processing of heat preservation materials in home appliances (air conditioning, refrigerator, lighting, oven, water heater, stove, disinfection cabinet, electromagnetic oven, etc.), mechanical equipment, automobiles, trains, ships, sound absorption building decoration and other fields.
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    Formaldehyde-free Glass Wool
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    Guangdong Jie Fu Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
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    2018-08-09 11:50:21

The superiority of Jiefu energy-saving formaldehyde-free glass wool:

1. High heat preservation efficiency The glass wool fibers are regular and slender, and the fibers are placed in a straight line along the heat transfer direction, so that the heat can be effectively blocked and heat loss can be reduced.

2. Lightweight The lightweight high-temperature glass wool installation is extremely convenient, and can be cut to the desired size according to your requirements with a general paper cutting blade.

3. Physical stability Will not break or deform. The uniform and slender fibers are intertwined with each other, so there is no worry about the position of the nail holes at the point where the product is fixed. With other common insulation materials in the market, vibration or long periods of use can result in the material becoming elongated, as the fibers dislocate from each other, causing fissures which result in a loss of heat that tends to increase over time.

4. Chemical stability High-temperature glass wool has a pH value of 7-8, contains very few soluble chloride ions, and has no corrosive effect on equipment or pipes.

5. Safety Formaldehyde-free glass wool insulation material is non-toxic and harmless to the human body.


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